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The United-Kingdom Immigration

The United Kingdom is one amongst the world’s Top Economies. It’s captivating quality of life and stunning cities makes it one amongst the most alluring destinations for the skilled professionals seeking a better future for themselves and their dependents.

The United Kingdom includes Wales, England Scotland & Northern Ireland. The UK is one amongst the world’s most popular migration destinations; the United Kingdom offers an array of options for individuals seeking to settle down.

Benefits of The United Kingdom Immigration:

Standard Requirements :

Pathways to Immigrate to the United Kingdom:

Tier 1 - High-Value Migrants:

This visa category is for 'high-value migrants' from outside the European Economic Area. Those very few people who come under the Tier 1 exceptional talent visa and Tier 1 Exceptional Promise visa.

Tier 2 - Skilled Workers:

This category is for 'skilled workers' from outside the European Economic Area with a job offer in the United Kingdom from a Tier 2 Sponsor. It includes skilled professionals who are transferred to the United Kingdom by an international company via the Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer visa route, skilled workers where there is a proven shortage.

Tier 3 - Low-Skilled Workers:

Tier 3 was designed to fill temporary low-skilled labour shortages. However, this tier was never opened and is currently suspended. The United Kingdom closed this tier after it determined that its low-skilled labour needs were being met by workers from within the European Union, who do not need to obtain a visa to enter and work in the United Kingdom.

Tier 4:

This category is for students from outside the European Economic Area who wish to study in the United Kingdom. Applicants should have a place at a registered UK educational establishment before they can apply.

Tier 5 - Temporary Workers:

Admission into the United Kingdom for temporary workers is provided for by Tier 5 of the points-based immigration system. There are six categories of Tier 5 - temporary workers:

In order to apply for a visa under almost all Tier 5 categories, the applicant must have a job offer from a sponsor licensed in the United Kingdom, have a valid Certificate of Sponsorship from this sponsor before applying for the visa, and must score a certain number of points on an evaluation. To migrate to the United Kingdom, applicants will need to score proficient in IELTS and should meet all legal & professional criteria. Navyah Immigration Services Private Limited helps skilled people to identify the right immigration pathway and guide them at every stage of their immigration journey.

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